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The Organic Color Kit was design for root covering, refresh your color and even nourish your hair without the unnecessary toxins found in regular color. We promise to get as good as we can make it. It won’t be perfect as nothing can replace the application process that naturally happens at the salon, but we can make it close.

We'll need a photo of your hair in natural light send to


Your kit includes

*Organic Color and developer customized for you by one of our stylist

*Organic PH Balancing Shampoo

*Organic Conditioner

*Applicator Bottle


*Processing cap

*Biodegradable cape

*Natural Skin protector Oil

*Step by step instructions 


We are not offering highlights, balayage kits as this is an elaborate process that only our stylist can do at the salon to get the perfect shade of blonde. But you can choose a root color to cover grays and a deep conditioning treatment if hair feels dry or damage. Or an All Over Color if you want to tone down the highlights or even change the color.


We are shipping Monday to Wednesday by USPS as we have notice more delay if send at the end of the week. Please note that due to our organic colour once the color is received you have up 2 day to color the hair, plan accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to call or text if you have any questions.

All of our colour is vegan, nontoxic and cruelty free. Same color lines that we use at Organic Beauty Bar. If you’ve you had previous allergies to a regular color or any other allergies please let us know as we do have a couple of different organic color brands that can be customized to your needs.

Organic Color Kit.jpg


This Kit is design for people who want their roots cover.


This Kit is design for roots to tip coverage or all over color.


Includes a salon conditioning treatment (no color included) to nourish curly hair or anyone experiencing dry hair. It can also be used to heal damage hair for anyone with previous highlights or balayage .

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