Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath is a nutrient-rich shampoo that deeply hydrates and cleanses dry, dehydrated hair with Biodynamic Hazel, Organic Honey, and Macadamia Oil.

Signature Scent: Warm, welcoming aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.



  • Leaves the hair intensely soft and silky.
  • Replenishes dry, lackluster hair’s optimal hydration and lipid levels.
  • Gently cleanses the hair scalp without stripping away color.
  • Packaged in infinitely recyclable, luxurious amber glass to protect ingredient integrity.


Does Not Contain:

  • Parabens
  • SLS / SLES
  • GMOs
  • Petroleum
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic Fragrance
  • PEGs, PPGs & BGs
  • Artificial Colorants


How to use:

Massage into scalp and hair root for 30 seconds. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.


Key Ingredients:

Biodynamic Hazel is rich and phenols and tannins that soften and nourish the hair fiber.

Organic Honey moisturizes and replenishes the hair, leaving it shiny and soft.

Macadamia Oil closely resembles hair’s natural oils that nourish, smooth and prevent split ends.

Babassu + Coconut-derived Surfactants are delicate cleansing agents that leave the hair and scalp healthy and moisturized. It’s even great for sensitive scalps.


Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath 240ml

  • Parabens, SLS / SLES, GMOs, Petroleum, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrance, PEGs, PPGs & BGs, Artificial Colorants